Success in life is a consequence of failures. To succeed, one must fail. Failure is often seen as a negative event in life. Failure is what makes us stronger, wiser and provides that extra push to keep learning until we succeed. Many people are so afraid of failures in life that they do not even give it a try to make a step further, closer to what they dream about. We learn from our own failures and mistakes but also other’s people experience. Learning how to overcome failures is the beginning of a life changing path. We learn from what we see. We learn from what we read. We learn from what we ear.


To achieve whatever goal, you wish to accomplish in your life, we must upgrade our skills and knowledge but also put in practice what learn. In other words, we got to try and try and try until we win. Remember that a dream without a goal, is just a dream. And goals without actions, are just goals.


As we walk our way towards our goals and dreams, we will be facing stormy weather: this is called life. To reach the end line, no matter how many times we fall, no matter whether it rains on you, or a strong wind blows against you, stay! Do not turn your back and walk away. Just stay and keep going. Some people plant in spring, feed the crop and let it dry out in the summer. The question is “why starting in first place?” You do not need to stay forever, because through the process of growth we might discover that we can do more than we thought we could but stay until it is harvest time for the seeds you already planted.


If you care about you and your surroundings, you will get results. Care to make a difference in your community. Care to nourish what’s around you. Care to be remember as a builder and not a destroyer. Never let you dreams become the nightmare of others. Tomorrow when you go back to your office, say high to everyone you meet. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, and you see a bunch of stressed people around you, just give a thumb up to somebody. Next you see someone struggling, give him/her a pad on the shoulder and a word of comfort. Next time you go back home from work, do not fall over you coach with your phone but ask your family “how was your day?”. The more you care, the stronger you will become, the better you will feel about yourself.