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Discover a New Path to Wellness During Menopause

At Menopause Balance, we believe in empowering women through their menopause journey. Our mission is to create a supportive, open, and collaborative space where you can find the resources and community you need to thrive. Join us and embrace this new chapter with confidence and vitality.

Join Our 8-Week Menopause Challenge!

Are you ready to transform your menopause journey? Our 8-Week Menopause Challenge is designed to provide you with the support, knowledge, and tools to thrive during this significant life stage. Each week, you’ll receive new challenges and resources focused on hydration, nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep improvement, emotional wellness, hormonal balance, and reflection.

Why We Created EmpowerHer

Menopause is a significant and natural phase of life, yet it often comes with challenges and misunderstandings. Many women feel isolated, unsupported, and uninformed during this transition. We created Menopause Balance to change that narrative. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive space where women can access accurate information, share their experiences, and receive the emotional and practical support they deserve. By breaking the taboo and fostering open conversations, we aim to empower women to navigate menopause with confidence and strength.

Meet the Founders

We are led by a passionate and dedicated team committed to supporting women through their menopause journey. We bring a wealth of expertise and a heartfelt commitment to creating a nurturing, empowering community for all women.

Fabrizio Micciche, Ph.D., ICF-ACC, NBC-HWC

Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Trainer
With extensive experience in health coaching, nutrition, and fitness training, Fab is dedicated to helping women navigate their menopause journey with confidence and vitality. His holistic approach ensures that every woman receives personalized guidance tailored to her unique needs.

Beamiris Rodriguez, YogaAlliance

Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Trainer
Beamiris combines her expertise in professional dance, fitness training, and yoga instruction to create a balanced and supportive environment for women experiencing menopause. Her passion for wellness and her empathetic approach help women find strength, relaxation, and inner peace.

Empowerment is about helping women embrace their menopause journey with strength, knowledge, and support. Together, we thrive.

empower professional women

Why Join Us?

  • Comprehensive Support: Our programs provide in-depth coaching, yoga, relaxation techniques, nutrition advice, and fitness programs tailored for women going through menopause.
  • In-Person and Online Flexibility: Participate in local group coaching events or join our future online programs. We offer flexible options to suit your lifestyle.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain access to expert advice from experienced health coaches, yoga instructors, nutritionists, and fitness trainers.
  • Safe and Collaborative Space: Connect with a community of women who understand and share your experiences. Find support, share stories, and build lasting friendships.

What we focus on:

  • Open space: creating an open, unbiased, and non-judgemental space
  • Balancing Life: Strategies to maintain a healthy life-work balance.
  • Emotional Health: Building self-esteem and a strong identity.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Optimizing nutrition to boost energy levels, manage weight, and overcome emotional eating.

Enrolling in our program includes:

  • Menopause Coaching: Personalized and group sessions to guide you through your menopause journey.
  • Yoga and Relaxation: Yoga practices for menopause relief, reduce stress and promote well-being.
  • Nutrition Advice: Customized plans to support your health.
  • Menopause Fitness Programs: Simple exercises program you can do anywhere designed to maintain strength and vitality.
  • Private Facebook group: A place to share, stay connected and meet other women you can find support from.


  • Start Date: September 11th, 2024
  • Available Seats: Limited to 20 participants per program.
  • Registration Opens: August 1st, 2024
  • Language of the program: English
  • Extra language support: We are happy to provide extra support in Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese to ensure all participants feel comfortable and understood throughout their journey.


3-Month Program


Our 3-month program offers a focused approach to help you quickly adapt and thrive through the early stages of menopause. You’ll receive intensive support and practical strategies to manage symptoms and improve your well-being.

6-Month Program


Our 6-month program provides extended support for a deeper transformation. This program is designed for those who want ongoing guidance, comprehensive wellness plans, and a sustained approach to navigating menopause.

Discount Details:
– 3-Month Program: $499 €424
– 6-Month Program: $899 €764

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Together we will create your personalized plan that includes yoga, fitness and nutrition advises.

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Community Guidelines

To ensure a supportive and respectful environment, we have established the following guidelines for participation in our group calls and private Facebook community: Treat all members with respect and kindness. Personal attacks, harassment, or discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated. Respect the privacy of others. Do not share personal information or experiences of other members outside the group. Create a safe space for everyone to share their experiences and opinions without fear of judgment or criticism. Use appropriate and considerate language. Avoid offensive, aggressive, or inflammatory remarks. When providing feedback, be constructive and supportive. Offer insights that are helpful and encouraging. Engage actively in discussions and activities. Your participation enriches the community experience for everyone. Remember that our community is for support and education, not for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical concerns. By joining the EmpowerHer Menopause Community, you agree to adhere to these guidelines to help maintain a positive and supportive environment for all members.

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The Menopause Balance Community program is designed to provide support, education, and a sense of community for women experiencing menopause. However, it is important to note that the content provided in this program, including group calls, emails, and discussions within the community, is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

This program does not propose or endorse any specific treatment plans for menopause symptoms. Any treatment decisions should be made in consultation with your healthcare provider. Additionally, the program and its participants, including guest experts, do not provide diagnoses. Any health concerns or symptoms should be discussed with a qualified healthcare professional.

By participating in the Menopause Balance Community, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms. The program is intended to complement, not replace, professional medical advice and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a is a supportive community open to all women experiencing menopause, regardless of age or stage in their journey, looking for support and information. We offer in-person and online programs including coaching, yoga, nutrition advice, and fitness programs

Group calls will be 60 minutes long

The programs include personalized coaching sessions, yoga and relaxation techniques, nutrition advice, and fitness programs tailored to support women through menopause.

Group calls are held every two weeks.

Based on availability, we will feature experts in gynecology, nutrition, and wellness.

All group calls will be recorded and made available to participants.

You can contact us directly at +31611197191 (Fabrizio) or +31639582857 (Beamiris), or fill out the inquiry form on our website. We would be happy to provide more information and discuss how we can meet your wellness needs.