Sometimes life set us challenges that we might not seem to be able to easily overcome. We just feel stuck into a reality that keeps us trapped. We hate it, we do not like, we want to change it…but yet we stay.

It is not the goal of this short post to get into all the ins and outs. Rather I would like to reflect with you on two points: 

  • FEAR. The number one reason why we often tend to stick to what we have is fear. Once I heard the saying “we prefer to stay in known hell than going to unknown heaven”. Fear is what stops us from moving ahead and limit our capacity to act on our dreams. A dream without goals is just a dream but goals without actions are just goals. Often, we get trapped into a life we accept to be mediocre because of fear. We let our environment to change the way we feel and dream. We stay in our comfort zone because it is easy, at the expense of accepting a life that is not what we want it to be. What are you going to do about it?
  • HELP. How many times did you ask for help when struggling with somethings? Although I cannot generalize, I know for certain that most of us hardly ask for help and/or are open to be helped when needed. This is a lesson I learnt the hard way. Till I open myself to coaching making me realize that, change was not the actual problem, but fear of changing was. I leant that “you cannot see the label on the box when you are inside the box”. In other words, others can help you see what you do not see when stuck into whatever situation you might be today.  

Life is the best teacher one will ever have. All we must do is learning from it, get stronger and keep going. Being afraid is a natural part of life but the problem is when life is led by fear.

Stay strong!


It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have not stars to reach for

Dr. Benjamin Mays