Strength: It’s How You Use It, Not How Much You Have

We’ve all been there—feeling drained while juggling work, family, and personal goals. “I just don’t have the strength,” we say. But what if the issue isn’t a lack of strength but how we’re using it? Think of your strength like a budget. You wouldn’t spend your entire paycheck on a single expense, right? Similarly, don’t blow all your strength on one aspect of your life.

Take one of my clients who considered extreme diets and even surgery for weight loss, believing she lacked the “strength” for a healthier approach. Yet, this is the same woman who powered through a master’s degree amid life’s challenges. She’s not lacking strength; she’s misallocating it.

Here’s the kicker: our past failures often bias us. My client succeeded in her master’s because she had no past failures to cloud her judgment. But with weight loss, her history of unsuccessful attempts made her feel defeated before even starting. It’s not about lacking strength; it’s about where that energy is directed. Before tackling any goal, ask yourself: “Do I believe I can do this?” and “Why do I want to do this?” Your ‘why’ will fuel your ‘how.’

Life’s not a straight line; it’s a rollercoaster. Some weeks you’ll smash your goals, and others you’ll barely make a dent. And that’s okay. Failure isn’t a dead-end; it’s a detour sign pointing you in a new direction. The real difference between winners and losers? Winners see failure as a learning opportunity, adjust their approach, and keep going.

So the next time you think you’re out of strength, remember: it’s not about how much you have, but how you use it. Allocate your energy wisely, remove biases, and you’ll find you’re stronger than you ever believed.

Take Action Now

Don’t just read this and move on. Take a moment to identify one area where you’ve felt weak or defeated. Now, ask yourself those two crucial questions: “Do I believe I can improve this?” and “Why do I want to?” Write down your answers and let them be your guideposts as you reallocate your strength and tackle your challenges head-on.