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Join us where the journey of fitness harmoniously blends with holistic wellness. Our unique packages cater to anyone seeking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether you’re taking your first step in fitness or aiming for a comprehensive health transformation, our programs are here to support and guide you. Step into the great outdoors and experience a refreshing approach to fitness, enhanced with expert coaching in nutrition and wellness. Ready to start your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life?

The Importance of Weight Control and Exercise in Your Life

In a world where health often takes a backseat, understanding the critical role of weight control and regular exercise is more important than ever. Managing weight effectively isn’t just about looking good; it’s about enhancing your overall health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and improving your quality of life. Regular exercise is a cornerstone of this journey, offering benefits that extend far beyond weight loss. It boosts your mood, increases energy levels, and promotes better sleep, all while building resilience against stress and anxiety.

Overweight and obesity
– 60% adults
– One in three children
– Health issues including chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, mental health problems, diabetes

We’re on a mission to change these statistics and empower individuals like you to lead healthier lives.

Holistic Path to Sustainable Health and Fitness

Our programs are designed not just as a series of workouts but as a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. We focus on sustainable weight management strategies, incorporating balanced nutrition and effective physical activity that can be integrated into your daily life. Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, maintain it, or simply enhance your physical fitness, our packages offer a supportive, educational, and motivating environment to help you achieve your goals. Choose our program to embark on a path where health priorities are not just met, but exceeded, leading to a happier, more energetic, and fulfilling life.

Are you willing to commit and reshape your future?

Our Approach

At Prohealthyx we go beyond quick fixes. We empower you with sustainable lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, and a positive mindset to master your weight and overall well-being.

We Do Not Believe In Diets

We promote balanced nutrition habits tailored to each client’s lifestyle, food preferences, knowledge, and goals. We change people’s lives for long-lasting health and body transformations.

The Client Perspective

We recognize that every person is unique, with their health, performance, behavior, experiences, expectations, and preferences. As your dedicated coach, I will guide you through this transformative journey, addressing the root causes and celebrating your successes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Fabrizio, an experienced health coach, nutrition specialist, and certified personal trainer.
  • Personalized Programs: Designed to meet your individual health and lifestyle goals.
  • Outdoor Experience: Immerse yourself in the revitalizing power of nature with our outdoor training sessions, enhancing your physical and mental well-being.
  • Community and Support: Be part of a community on a shared journey to wellness.
  • Evidence-Based Methods: Enjoy the advantages of a program grounded in scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Results speaks for us

Without any doubt, nutrition is a key element of everyone’s life aiming at healthier living. We coach complete, real, complex people who have complete, real, and complex lives. Although there is a wealth of available information on social media and the web, people’s ability to make certain nutrition choices is often biased by influences and magazine headlines. The result is a confusing and often frustrating experience leading to jumping on and off crash diets, inconsistent results, and occasionally food disorders.


Your First Step Towards Sustainable Health

The Comprehensive Health Transformation package is tailored for those committed to a profound change in their health and well-being. Over six months, you will engage in weekly personalized coaching sessions, focusing on nuanced aspects of your health journey. The heart of this package is a dynamic nutrition plan, crafted and adjusted bi-weekly to perfectly align with your evolving needs. A custom workout plan, designed to challenge and grow with you, accompanies this. Bi-weekly emotional wellness sessions support your mental and emotional health, ensuring a balanced and holistic transformation.

Our Signature Programs

The Outdoor Energizer

Energize Your Body, Enlighten Your Mind


Experience the energy of outdoor group training! Each session combines physical activity with practical health insights, perfect for anyone looking to begin or enhance their fitness journey in a supportive community.


The Active Lifestyle Booster

Balance Your Body, Elevate Your Lifestyle


Enjoy a mix of physical training and lifestyle coaching. Learn to balance stress, nutrition, and maintain a healthy lifestyle in a welcoming group environment, suitable for people from all walks of life.


The Holistic Transformer

Transform Holistically, Thrive Individually


Our premium package is a holistic approach to health. Benefit from personalized coaching sessions that cater to your unique nutritional and lifestyle needs.


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Starting date

Outdoor Group Training: April 7th, 2024
Group coaching: April 24th, 2024
1-to-1 coaching: to be determined


Outdoor Group Training: Breda
Group coaching: Breda (in-person and/or Zoom)
1-to-1 coaching: Breda (in person and/or Zoom)


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