Igniting Women’s Transformation: Reclaim Your Vitality and Rediscover Your True Self

Are you caught in a cycle of stress that triggers emotional eating, resulting in weight gain and further contributing to feelings of low self-esteem? Does this ongoing struggle leave you feeling frustrated and disconnected from your inner self? Our signature coaching program is specifically designed for women seeking to overcome these interconnected challenges. Break free from this cycle and rediscover a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

You are in the right place if it sounds like

  • You are tired of constantly battling emotional eating
  • You are struggling with your weight
  • You long for a better work-life balance
  • You are facing low self-esteem and a vibrant sense of well-being
  • You’re ready to break free from these challenges and transform your life

How Would It Be for You If…

Imagine a life where you no longer turn to food for emotional comfort. Instead, you have the tools and strategies to nourish your body and manage your emotions in healthier ways. Picture yourself feeling confident, radiant, and embracing your unique beauty. Envision a life where you have regained control over your appearance, achieved a balanced work-life routine, and developed unshakable self-esteem. This is all possible with our transformative coaching program.

I am Fabrizio. I can help you with unlocking your life.

As your health and wellness coach, specialized in nutrition and with a strong background in physical activity as a personal trainer, I will provide personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Together, we will address the root causes of your challenges, create sustainable lifestyle changes, and cultivate a positive mindset that empowers you to thrive. Through my expertise, compassion, and unwavering support, I will be your partner on this transformative journey, cheering you on every step of the way.

Fabrizio Micciche, Ph.D., ACC, PNL1
Executive Health Coach | Nutrition Specialist | Personal Trainer

In your coaching program

Our signature coaching program is designed to guide you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth. Together, we will work to address the root causes of emotional eating, develop a positive relationship with food, and unlock your true potential. The program combines personalized coaching sessions, powerful mindset shifts, and practical tools to help you create lasting change.

Transform Your Body

Transform Your Relationship with Food

Break free from emotional eating, negative body image, and unhealthy habits. Foster a positive and nourishing connection with food, body, and weight. Rediscover self-love, acceptance, and sustainable well-being.

Empower Your Mind

Reclaim Your Self-Esteem

Cultivate unshakable confidence and embrace your true beauty. Unlock your unique qualities and let your authentic self shine brilliantly, allowing you to overcome low self-esteem and embrace a positive self-image.

Live in Balance

Rediscover Harmony and Prioritize Your Well-being

Find the perfect balance in your life and prioritize your own well-being. Experience a renewed sense of equilibrium as you learn to establish boundaries, manage your time effectively, and make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine. Take charge of your life and create the space you need to thrive.

Everything included

  • Nutritional education and guidance to make informed food choices
  • Nutrition coaching aiming at optimizing your overall eating habits
  • Strategies to optimize weight management and develop healthier relationships with food
  • Stress-management techniques to effectively navigate and reduce stress
  • Mindfulness practices and relaxation exercises for increased well-being and balance
  • Tailored exercise routines to improve your overall fitness
  • Personalized coaching sessions to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Powerful mindset exercises to cultivate self-confidence and a positive self-image
  • Techniques to shift your mindset and embrace a mindset of success and empowerment
  • Regular coaching sessions to track progress, discuss challenges, and set new goals
  • Email and What’s App support for guidance, motivation, and accountability
  • Resources, tools, and recommendations to support your journey

Plus, three bonuses

1. Mindfulness Audio Series

Immerse yourself in our Mindfulness Audio Series, where you’ll discover a collection of soothing and guided mindfulness sessions. Let these audio sessions transport you to a place of relaxation, mental clarity, and inner peace. Reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being.

2. Printable Wellness Journal

The Printable Wellness Journal is a powerful tool that helps you track and optimize your well-being journey. With guided prompts and space to reflect, it promotes self-awareness, empowers healthy habits, and enhances your overall health and happiness.

3. Weekly Inspirational Emails

Receive a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation with our uplifting emails. Packed with insightful content, practical tips, and encouragement, these emails provide the ongoing support you need to stay focused, motivated, and inspired on your wellness journey.

What other says

If you opt for in-person coaching or live close by you may also choose of these

You are free to select any of the bonuses we offer up to a maximum of three

4. Professional Photoshooting

Immerse yourself in a professional photoshoot that celebrates your inner transformation. Showcase your newfound confidence, self-love, and authentic beauty through captivating images. This personalized session will help you embrace your true essence and create lasting memories of your journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. This is provided in Breda (The Netherlands).

5. Yoga Course

Embark on a transformative yoga journey that complements your coaching program. Cultivate balance, flexibility, and inner strength as you deepen your mind-body connection. Through guided practices, you’ll discover the power of breath, movement, and mindfulness, enhancing your overall well-being and aligning with your newfound confidence and vitality. This course is given in Breda (The Netherlands).

6. Salsa Dance Course

Unleash your inner rhythm and embrace the joy of movement with our exhilarating salsa dance course. Connect with your body, express yourself through dance, and ignite vibrant energy within. This course is designed to enhance your confidence, ignite your passion, and infuse your life with positivity, all while embracing the vitality you’ve achieved through the coaching program. This course is given in Breda (The Netherlands).

At the End of the Program, You Will Be…

  • Embracing Your Unique Beauty: Rediscover your inner and outer beauty, feeling confident and radiant in your own skin.
  • Freedom from Emotional Eating: Break free from the cycle of emotional eating and gain empowering strategies to nourish your body and manage your emotions in healthier ways.
  • Effective Weight Management: Discover how to effectively manage your weight and embrace a balanced lifestyle that supports your well-being and vitality.
  • Unshakable Self-Esteem: Cultivate unshakable self-esteem, let go of self-doubt, and make decisions with clarity and confidence that align with your true desires and aspirations.

Investing in yourself is the next best step you can take to free your path to a healthier, happier, and better you.

Every day, we are willing to invest our money in a variety of things. Be it a new car, the latest piece of technology, an expensive watch, eating out, buying new clothes that we often do not need, or smoking and drinking. However, when it comes to investing in our health and well-being, we often need to think twice or even three times. We hesitate to prioritize ourselves and make meaningful choices that can truly transform our lives.

Whether it is your well-being or saving up for your new smartphone, I understand that it’s a personal decision only you can make. As your dedicated health and wellness coach, I’m here to discuss your priorities and help you put them in the right perspective. During a free initial consultation, we can delve into your aspirations, challenges, and goals, and together, we can determine the best path forward for you.

Your investment

Health is wealth! Take the opportunity to discover your true potential, regain confidence, and create a life that aligns with your desires.

single payment


3-month Personalized Coaching
Support between sessions
3 bonuses of your choice

Transform your body, mind, and life with our personalized coaching package. Discover the power within you and embark on a journey of lasting change.


3x €420

I offer the opportunity to opt for a payment plan with a little extra charge

Reserve your spot in this transformative journey

If you have reached this form is because you have decided to take your health into your hands. Congratulations! Investing today is the first step to a healthier and more fulfilling tomorrow. To provide our best service, we accept only a limited number of clients. Therefore sending this form is mandatory to join our transformative program. Once you send your application, we will contact you within 24 hrs to discuss the next steps to get you started.

Frequent Asked Questions

The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work: therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals.

When to see a coach

  • You want to get ‘unstuck’ and set goals you actually want achieve,
  • Stop unhelpful habits and replace them with healthy alternatives or when you feel like your life is on autopilot
  • Yo want to challenge yourself or break out of your comfort zone
  • Something is missing and you need that extra inspiration to piece your puzzle together
  • You want to hold yourself more accountable, whether in your personal or professional life

When to see a therapist

  • You want to heal from past hurts or trauma
  • You struggle with interpersonal relationships
  • You are experiencing relationship issues
  • You experience mental health symptoms that cause distress in your life
  • You need support navigating emotions

The frequency of our sessions is strongly linked to the nature of goals, what you would like to achieve, and when you would like to achieve them. We will address this point during our initial consultation.

At our core, we believe in the power of accountability when it comes to achieving remarkable results. While every individual’s journey is unique, our coaching program is designed to empower and guide you toward your desired outcomes. By committing to the process and taking consistent action, you can expect transformative changes in various aspects of your life.

The results you can expect will be influenced by your commitment, engagement, and willingness to embrace personal growth. As you hold yourself accountable and actively participate in the program, you’ll experience positive shifts in your mindset, habits, and overall well-being. Our aim is to empower you to unlock your full potential, cultivate lasting change, and create a life that truly reflects your aspirations.

Coaching is about guiding you to make changes and how to reach your goals. I will walk side by side with you during the process but I expect you to take accountability to execute on actions. At the end of every session, we will agree on specific activities and actions tailored to your needs, goals, lifestyle, and time.

It can happen that you may need to cancel or reschedule a session due to illness or other unforeseen events. As long as you let me know with at least 24 hours of advance notice, there is no fee for canceled or rescheduled sessions. With less than 24 hours’ notice, cancellations or no-shows are counted regular session.

The content of every session will be strictly confidential. There are only a couple of exceptions to this: I have reason to believe that a client has a concrete plan to harm himself or herself or to cause harm to someone else. Under these circumstances, I am legally required to share the minimum information needed to keep that client (or intended target of harm) safe.