I came across a post showing the infographic herein attached. Besides the alarming statistics, what is more alarming is that the majority of people do not act until some serious health issues arise.

I wonder why…. Let us remember that we have only body to carry us around in this life time.

As a coach, I have the privilege and honor to help people get unstuck. No matter whatever it is weight management, emotional eating, fitting healthy habits into busy lives. However, there are some recurring patterns I keep on discovering behind habits…. here are a couple of them:

  • Thinking that being socially active means drinking alcohol
  • Claim the rights to be overweight and on medications that in many cases can be avoided in the name of “I need to live life”
  • Smoking and drinking because I am bored at home
  • Follow a crash diet because I do not have time even though everyone is aware that weight will soon come back
  • Thinking about going for a liposuction to get rid of some extra fat because I have not time to exercise. However, your bank account will be emptier and fat will come back quick if you do not change your life style
  • Accepting to spending significant cash on quick fixes and/or holy grail foods promising fat burning effect instead of reach out for profesional help and get it fixed for good

This is not a critic but just an invitation to think. An invitation to reflect on how important our health is.

There is a very simple sentence to remember if you wish to turn things around “to change something, something needs to change”

Stay safe and healthy!

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